About Us

We are a group of IIMA students who wish to start a coaching institute focused exclusively on preparation for the CAT exam. Our institute, PrepMax, will try and enable you to become comfortable with the online format and in fact to use it to your advantage.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elements of our Product Concept

Computer aided teaching
This will help in familiarizing students with solving questions given on a computer interface. We will use projectors in classrooms instead of printed question booklets to make students more comfortable with the new CAT format. There will be 40 sessions each of DI & LR, Quantitative and Verbal & RC of 1½ hours duration.

Computer Lab Facility
We will try to recreate the actual CAT experience through this lab for students to practice.

Special Lab Sessions
We will provide additional lab sessions: 4 for DI, 4 for Verbal & RC and 2 for Quant. These sessions will aim at reducing the effort required in questions which are harder to solve from a computer interface like table based problems and reading comprehension.

Dedicated Doubt Solving Sessions and Helpline
Separate sessions will be held for solving students’ doubts. In addition, we will provide online discussion forums and a doubt clearing helpline.

Reputed Faculty
We have reputed faculty with at least 2 years of experience in CAT coaching.

Numerous Online Tests
All tests will be online tests with around 15 tests at the coaching centre’s lab. In addition, there will be “At-home” tests which students can take by logging into the institute’s website. These include previous year’s CAT papers, Mock CAT papers as well as new tests.

Immediate Feedback on Online Test with Detailed Analysis
The test scores along with detailed solutions will be shared with students immediately after the test. We will also provide a detailed time analysis through our “TESTtimer”. The TESTtimer gives the following output.




Questions Answered Correctly

Questions Answered Incorrectly

Questions left unanswered

Time spent

User Friendly Online Reading Material
Reading material will use graphics and other innovative methods of teaching to help students grasp concepts easily. For example, we will teach geometry concepts using computer graphics and vocabulary using a story format and mnemonics. Also, words in a paragraph will be linked with wordpress so that when a pointer is placed on a word its definition is displayed. The material will be indexed and enabled with a search function.

Flexible Timings
We offer weekday and weekend batches with movement allowed between batches.

We Offer Special Group Discounts!